Wednesday, August 26, 2015

School Projects


Some of my phone conversations with my little girls during my day job years would be:

My little sweet girl: Mama meron po ba tayong kawayan?

Me: Ha? Wala baby. Pero maghahanap ako pag uwi kaso lang gabi na pala yun...

My little sweet girl: Kelangan kasi namin yun bukas.

Me: Eh ganun ba. Para saan ba yun?

My little sweet girl: Para sa project namin sa Mapeh.

Me: Oh, ok.

My little sweet girl: Kukulayan namin ng poster paint...
Me: At kelangan mo din ng poster paint...

My little sweet girl: Yes Mama! :)


What happened next is me googling stores near our vicinity which sell bamboos. And they must be open until after office hours, so God help me! I hope I could beat the traffic, what's more the anywhere-there-is-bamboo closing time.

How does mom juggle work plus children plus out-of-this world school projects?

I guess moms just do it.

I'd like to think I've survived all my school-aged daughters' projects before.

So there's a good chance that I can do it again.

Now to amazing world of tralala! :)

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  1. hahaha! mas artistic yata ang mind ni WAHM kesa ke Working mom. hahaha!