Monday, March 23, 2015

Choices of 2015 Kids' Summer Activities, Workshops and Lessons, and Some Interesting Facts Why Our Kids Need Them

What does your child really gain from non-academic, particularly summer activities on areas of sports, music, arts and the like? Studies show that co-curricular and non-academic activities have positive short and long-term effects on your kid's behavior. One's your child being likely to become a good and engaging student...

Hi there mommies!

I'm glad that my kids' exams are done, now I can breathe better! Why last week I've been reviewing my daughter about conversion of mix fraction into lowest term by applying LCD blah blah. Yes I love math, but math problems are easier solved than taught (clueless about teaching 101 here!) So I decided to let my two girls study and review themselves. After all, I believe their teachers do their job well if my kids know their lessons well. My duty as a mom is to guide their study habits, to assess what they learn, to give moral support during exams, and probably to give some cool tips. Like, hit easy questions first.  So that they'll come up with sure answers. Cool, yes?

School's out and summer's here, now what?  Of course mommies find ways to keep their kids busy even during summer vacation.

You could have already checked it out online various summer workshops and lessons available in your neighborhood for your dear children.

I intended to post something that'll give you a list of summer 2015 activities for kids in Metro Manila (since I can be particular about the city) But Mr. Know-it-all Google himself can easily feed you a hundred of thousands resources like this one from Mommy Practicality and this one from Smart Parenting and this...oh just google it. (And you're welcome for the links!)

Urban living and new summer trends also bring us to so many choices more than ever!

So I opted to do a different but relevant article. Did a little, a massive research as part of my self-imposed blog challenge. Putting together interesting facts.  Serious stuff like that. Gee, I'm thrilled!

Check out this noteworthy list :)

Sports -

-      Develop your child’s strong character- sportsmanship / leadership / self-discipline

-      Gives a sense of belonging vital to your kid’s emotional health

-      Promotes teamwork/ participation that improves your child’s social skills

-      Beneficial to your kid’s physical health

-      Raises future leaders/ athletes/ doctors

Music Lessons / Sing and Dance Workshops –

-      Recitals build your kid’s confidence- they experience the nerves yet learn how to overcome it

-      Helps in brain development / builds multiple intelligence / improves memory

-      Kids learn to observe, interpret and analyze / learn to connect

-      Raises future singers/ dancers/ actors

Arts / Crafts / Culinary Lessons

-      Promotes out of the box thinking/ opens mind

-      Kids learn to express their feelings, with or without words

-      Constructive use of time strengthens the right side of brain thereby achieving the full potential of your kid’s mind

-      Raises future architects / engineers / writer / chef/ entrepreneur

As a parenting freak which you most probably are cause you're still reading up this time, you might have read quite something about that in another parenting book and/or have heard quite something about that from another parenting freak like me. So it goes on to conclude that we're both parenting freaks! Ok I'm kidding. :)

Anyway back to serious stuff- while some parents push their kids into summer lessons which they don't like,  or they drag their kids to expensive workshops just to be "in" and to keep up with the Joneses. I guess it's all the wrong reason.

Well at times choosing the right summer activity for our kids can be frustrating.  Especially when they seem not to know their interests. Just consider your children's personality and abilities.  Really learn what they like.  Keep on trying a wide variety of activities that open them new experiences.  As they grow old, they'll express more what they find fun.

This summer 2015 is another God-given opportunity to enrich our children's lives. We know why!

Seeing our kids discover their talents,  improve their skills. Keeping in mind the strong positive impact it has on our children.  It's priceless. :)

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